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From: "Patrick S dot Leung" <pleung at easygroup dot com>
Subject: Re: cannot insert text after new sybase install
Date: Feb 16 2000 2:01AM

Hi Michael,

You are right.  I found the following message being hidden:

Server message:
Message number 7130, Severity 16, State 1, Line 1
Message String:  WRITETEXT with no log is not valid at this time.
Database DEV1 must be configured for this.

However, I compare the options with sp_dboption of both database and they are
the same.  Would you have any quick suggest?  Sorry that I am not a fully
qualified DBA.

Thanks a lot.


Michael Peppler wrote:

> Patrick S. Leung writes:
>  > Hi,
>  >
>  > My production Sybase server is built from the very early download.  Due
>  > to load issue I have build a new one, from one of the Redhat 5.2
>  > application disk.  I have noticed that everything works except using
>  > sybperl ct_send_data to insert/update text fields, and it doesn't insert
>  > any more.  There is no error msg from Sybase nor the web server.  The
>  > perl scripts were running of the original web server, as I have only
>  > pointed the web server to the new database server.
>  >
>  > I suspect the Sybase rpm is of different version, as there is a
>  > difference in the language installation shell scripts.  Would that be
>  > possible?  Also, would upgrade to sybperl 2.11 helps?
> No - there is NO reason why ct_send_data should stop working, unless
> you have a difference in the tables, or something else that could
> cause this.
> Are you certain that there are no error messages? They could be hidden
> due to some filtering in the server message callbacks...
> Michael
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