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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: FW: sybperl
Date: Dec 26 2000 7:32PM

Vitale, Mike (MLIM) writes:
 > i'm looking to get up to speed as quick as possible on sybperl as
 > it appears it may be the bxet solution to a problem we are
 > experiencing.  what is the best way to do this? 

If you are reasonably proficient with perl I suggest looking at the
man page, checking the docs on my web page, look at some of the sample
scripts (although the style of the sample scripts may be somewhat
obsolete as most of the scripts are at least 5 years old...)

For any uncertainty on how any specific API call works you can check
the Sybase manuals for OpenClient.

If you are not proficient at perl I'd suggest getting a perl book or
three (possibly starting with Randal Schwartz's "learning perl" from

Also - write a few simple scripts to get some data and print it out,
just to get a feel for the API.

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