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From: "Dwyer, Sean" <sean dot dwyer at attws dot com>
Subject: A question regarding return from ct_sql()
Date: Nov 28 2000 11:50PM

> I am hoping someone can help me as I seem to have run into a brick wall to
> get the status back from the ct_sql() command.
> First off I am using Sybase::CTlib and perl 5.6.0. The long version is
> that
> I am writing this to drop logins after checking for groups, roles, aliases
> ect. across 26 sql servers with 20 databases per sql server. Everthing is
> working fine but I am stuck trying to get the return status after using
> ct_sql().
> an example of the code I am trying to check the results of is:
> $dbh->ct_sql("sp_dropalias $user_name");
> The documentation states that ct_sql() set 2 additional attributes
> ROW_COUNT and RC (rowcount and return code) but I am unable to figure out
> how to access them.
> If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it
> Sean Dwyer 
> Data Base Administrator
> National Data Center Ops
> AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.
> Bothell, Washington
> Desk-425.580.4313
> Cell-206.601.5465