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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: nested transactions / savepoints
Date: Nov 22 2000 7:02PM

Kiriakos Georgiou writes:
 > Does anybody know if nested transactions or transaction savepoints are
 > supported with DBD-Sybase, and if so how?
 > Rational:
 > I want to log an error (via an update) before I rollback a whole bunch
 > of statements, but if I rollback the whole transaction before logging
 > the error, the record won't be locked anymore so there is no guarantee
 > that another user won't lock it before I can update it.

As long as the transactions/savepoints are issued on the same physical 
connection you should be fine.

It should work both in autocommit mode and with autocommit turned off
(but not if chained transaction mode is turned on, however.)

Assuming you are not using stored procs, something like this should
work perfectly:

begin tran
save tran point_one
... do something
$sth->execute; etc.
save tran point_two


In general I've used nested transactions in stored procs, where each
proc has:

create proc ...
begin tran
save tran foo
... do stuff, possibly calling other procs
if error
  rollback tran foo
  commit tran
  return error code

commit tran

Applying the same logic should work perfectly well here too.

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