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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: IRIX 64bit problem
Date: Nov 8 2000 11:11PM

Steve Schweinhart writes:
 > Hello,
 > I've just joined this list and I work as a Perl tools programmer at AOL.
 > I have compiled a 64 bit version of Perl on an IRIX64 6.5 system.   That
 > works just fine.  Now I am trying to get SybPerl to work.  I have been
 > able to get it to compile with minimum changes to the Makefile.PL files
 > (basically appending "64" to the list of libraries to include).  A 32
 > bit version of Perl and SybPerl runs successfully with the same contents
 > of PWD.
 > However, when I run make test for CTlib for the 64 bit version, I get
 > this error:

 > It is failing on the buffer param (4th param) in this call in CTlib.c:
 >     if((retcode = ct_config(context, CS_SET, CS_NETIO, &netio_type,
 >                             CS_UNUSED, NULL)) != CS_SUCCEED)
 >         croak("Sybase::CTlib initialize: ct_config(netio) failed");
 > But netio_type and &netio_type contain the right values during
 > execution.

Weird. Sybperl does work in 64 bit mode on the alpha platform.

Have you tried playing with the netio_type declaration (int, short,
etc) to see if you can get this to work?

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