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From: Matthew E Studley <matthew at coms dot com>
Subject: dbd::sybase - autocommit and procs creating temp tables
Date: Nov 7 2000 5:51PM

Hi all

a quick question.

I have written a stored proc that creates a temporary table, loads this
with a very complex query, and then performs a number of analyses
against this data.

I'd much prefer to do it this way, rather than have to do the analytical
queries against the real tables every time... performance overhead.

This is to plug into an application in which we have dbd::sybase
connections with autocommit = 0.

result : problem.

text=The 'CREATE TABLE' command is not allowed within a multi-statement
transaction in the 'tempdb' database.

Now, I realise that we could temporarily set autocommit = 1 while we
execute this proc.  Is there any reason why this should have a knock-on
effct to the rest of our application?  I suspect not, but thought I'd

because I'm lazy and don't want to rewrite my proc.


Technical Architect 
				126-128 New Kings Rd
+44 (0) 7080 810 101		London  SW6 3LZ.