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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Using SYBPERL to query SQLServer
Date: Nov 3 2000 7:03PM writes:
 > I thank you in advance for any advice on this subject. We use Sybase for most of
 > our processing but the powers that be are forcing us to run an application on
 > Unix which calls SQL Server on a seperate NT machine. We have been able to open
 > connections and run select queries on SQLServer using the Sybase::DBlib.
 > Questions:
 > 1. Is this supposed to work, or is it some accidental by-product of
 > Sybase:DBlib?

DBlib works with MSSQL because the base for the code is the same as
the base for the MSSQL DBlib code.

 > 2. If it does truly work, are there any limitations?

DBlib works at the 4.2 protocol level, so things like large varchar
fields, identitty fields, numeric values may not be properly
 > 3. How version dependant would this be (i.e. we're lucky it works with SQL
 > Server 7.0, but it won't work with the next upgrade.

It depends when/if MS decides to drop support for DBlib completely.

 > 4. What package should we be using to make calls to SQL server, and what drivers
 > would we have to install with that?

You can go with ODBC and DBI/DBD::ODBC, or look at the FreeTDS project 
( which is an attempt to reverse engineer the TDS
protocol, both for Sybase (4.2 and 5) and for MS (4.2 and 7).

The FreeTDS libs give you drop in replacements for DBlib and CTlib
which you can use with sybperl or DBD::Sybase.

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