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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Cursurs in Sybperl
Date: Oct 25 2000 4:41PM

Aloysius A Bauer writes:
 > I am new to Sybperl and was wondering if someone could point me
 > in the direction of how to create cursurs.I know how to do this
 > in SQL. I have breifly looked at the documentation and saw many
 > ways to select data, but not how to update data. All the scripts
 > I've written so far use the $ref = $dbh->sql("select title from
 > ej_title_list") model in DBlib. Should I use $ref =
 > $dbh->dbcmd("select title from ej_title_list"); instead ? Should
 > I use CTlib ?
 > But how do I update columns ? Where can I find documentation.

In general using cursors is not such a great idea (IMHO - others may
disagree :-)

If you explain what you need to get done we can probably find a way to 
get it done either with cursors or without...

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