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From: Jamie Belanger <jamie_belanger at globalcrossing dot com>
Subject: RE: compiler/make issues (fancy that)
Date: Oct 16 2000 7:51PM

I followed the procedure you listed when I first installed gcc in our depot
location. There were no errors as far as dependancies go.
I mistakenly listed my gcc directory in the initial e-mail I sent out, the
correct location is /opt/gcc/bin/gcc (which is also what is returned by the
which), the location that swinstall deposited it. I altered the PATH to
include this directory.
The symbolic link I created was a link in the default compiler's directory
pointing cc to the location of gcc in an attempt to fake the configure out,
since nothing else seemed to be working. I've removed it in the interests of
finding a better solution.
I installed the precompiled perl binary successfully using the depot method
(after experiencing miserable failure attempting to compile it using gcc),
but there is no precompiled version of sybperl available...
So, given that my path is correct, which returns the correct compiler
location, and I have gcc installed in the correct directory (rather than
/usr/gcc as I mistakenly stated earlier e-mail), my only other thought was
that somehow gcc did NOT install correctly. I'm going to remove and
re-install it and keep my eye out for dependancy errors again, just in case
I'm not remembering something.
Jamie Belanger
System Administrator
Global Crossing
(319) 298-1489 or ext. 489


-----Original Message-----
From: Pantera, Joseph F. []
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 2:38 PM
To: ''
Cc: SybPerl Discussion List
Subject: RE: compiler/make issues (fancy that)

    I have essentially the same setup as you, except that I am at HP-UX 11,
and everything works fine (Perl / Sybperl no issues).  I got my gcc compiler
from "" (I do no have the add-on HP Ansi C compiler here).
It has been a while since I built that gcc image, and to be honest, I can't
remember if I needed anything else to make it work, but I believe I needed
"binutils" and possibly something else.  The "" site gives
you both the option of downloading the source, or the pre-compiled image.
If you grab the pre-compiled image, since it is an HP-UX site, it downloads
as a "swinstall" depot.  You usually have to "gunzip" it, as it is a file
".depot.gz" and then run "swinstall -s/" to run the swinstall GUI against that downloaded image.
Running swinstall as the norm, by selecting the depot, "mark for install"
and doing an "install analysis" will normally tell you if you are missing
any dependencies (pay attention to / resolve any errors, if software was
missing, I always found it at "").  If all goes well, you
then tell system to "load" your gcc (or whatever) depot.  This install will
usually default to the normal "System V" location, which is under /opt (my
gcc is installed in /opt/gcc).  Finally, when I compiled perl 5.6 and
Sybperl, I made sure that "which gcc" (ksh or sh, obviously) returned the
proper path for gcc, which in my case was /opt/gcc/bin.  If it did not, for
the configure /compile / make /make install session, I altered the PATH
export PATH=/opt/gcc/bin:$PATH
in the terminal where I was going to run these commands (by the way, I use
/etc/PATH and /etc/MANPATH, and I have to manually update these after every
"install" from, they don't get updated automatically).  I
do not mess with symbolic links, or anything else the O/S might be using
elsewhere.  The fact your gcc got installed in "/usr/gcc" tells me it
probably was not done this way.  Give this a try (probably best to do for
both perl, then Sybperl).
- Joe Pantera

Joseph F. Pantera       Unix, Database & Network Systems Administrator 
                        Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP 
                        phone:  (213) 229-7673 
                        fax:    (213) 229-6673 

-----Original Message-----
From: Jamie Belanger []
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 11:41 AM
To: SybPerl Discussion List
Subject: RE: compiler/make issues (fancy that)

Got the precompiled dynamically linked binary from the HPUX Porting and
Archive Center:

If you could point me to another location, I'm willing to try something
else. I'm willing to try ANYTHING else at this point!

Jamie Belanger 
Unix Administrator 
Global Crossing 
(319) 298-1489 or ext. 489 

-----Original Message----- 
From: Michael Peppler [
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 1:09 PM 
To: SybPerl Discussion List 
Subject: RE: compiler/make issues (fancy that) 

Jamie Belanger writes: 
 > I attempted to re-compile perl using the switch to change my compiler and

 > received the following errors: 
 > ****** 
 > Use which C compiler? [gcc] 
 > Checking for GNU cc in disguise and/or its version number... 
 > as: "/var/tmp/ccyCCdRb.s", line 27: error 1052: Directive name not 
 > recognized - 
 > *** WHOA THERE!!! *** 
 >     Your C compiler "gcc" doesn't seem to be working! 
 >     You'd better start hunting for one and let me know about it. 
 > ****** 

Where did you get gcc from? 

Michael Peppler         -||-  Data Migrations Inc.    -||-
Int. Sybase User Group  -||-   
Sybase on Linux mailing list: 


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