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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: RE: compiler/make issues (fancy that)
Date: Oct 13 2000 2:13PM

Jamie Belanger writes:
 > I'm not sure which compiler was used for my perl5 (5.6.0) installation,
 > because I downloaded a precompiled binary from,
 > the Software Porting and Archive Center for HP-UX in Wisconson. I downloaded
 > the precompiled binary because I was having problems compiling perl on this
 > same system (the same type of problems, it kept trying to go to the HP-UX
 > kernel compiler rather than the gcc compiler I had set up). 
 > Should I attempt to compile perl again, this time altering to
 > point to the correct compiler? I wasn't sure where this change was supposed
 > to be made previously.

You should try to compile perl yourself.

In general (although I have no experience with HP-UX) you should be
able to specify the compiler to use. I've used something like:

./Configure -Dcc=gcc

to tell perl's configure script to use gcc in favor of cc...

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