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From: Monty Scroggins <Monty dot Scroggins at wcom dot com>
Subject: DBI/DBD problem?
Date: Oct 12 2000 8:04PM

hi all,

I have a graphical interface I wrote to accessing Sybase.
I have been using it for about 1 1/2 years and it has been
very stable.   I am running Perl 5.0053 and have the latest
DBI/DBD libraries etc..

Recently I installed Perl5.6 and PerlTk 8022
on my machine to see how the new perl/perlTK combination
would affect the utility.    I am getting an error when I
attempt to do any kind of update  Selects work fine.  Since
I am not sure if this is something to do with Perl5.6 or the
new perlTk package, I thought I would post the error and
see if anyone has any ideas.  The error reads like it is a
problem coming from DBI.

Has anyone esle seen this???

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the error -
Tk::Error: Can't get DBI::st=HASH(0x345160)->{NAME}:
unrecognised attribute at /export/home/mscroggi/bin/ line 2091.
 main::run_query at /export/home/mscroggi/bin/ line 2091
 main::check_cmd at /export/home/mscroggi/bin/ line 2025
 (command bound to event)

Here is a condensed version of the code that is producing
the error-

#connect to the database and run the command
#loop to execute for * each * result set returned
do {

#here are lines 2090-02095
2090      #get the column names
2091      my $colnames=$sth->{NAME};
2092      #get the column widths
2093      my $colsizes=$sth->{PRECISION};
2094      #get the column datatypes
2095      my $coltypes=$sth->{$dbtypes};


# cancel the alarm