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From: Stephen dot Sprague at msdw dot com
Subject: comments
Date: Oct 9 2000 8:52PM

I'm looking for comments on two modules that I've written that I'd like to share with the public. Their names are:



	and, for that matter, a perl script,


They use Sybase::DBLib and nsql, which, yes, I know lags behind the current times of DBD/DBI -- but I still think they're
worth sharing nonetheless.

My comments:
	*  --   Cross-server joins are frowned upon in my organization so I wanted a (better) way to transfer 
   	  data between two servers instead of bcping out and bcping in. So I wrote some perl to make two connections; one a 
	  bcp connection and one regular connection. I sent a 'select * from ' to the regular connection and took the 
	  results and sent them to the bcp connection via bcp_sendrow. Then the enhancements started to roll in: I added a 
	  'where clause', then a 'delete flag', then the possiblity of sending *any* sql,  then I put some callback hooks in
	  to intercept the data between the 'select' and the 'send', then I added a sophisticated 'auto-delete' flag to only
	  delete the rows in the target table if they exist in the 'source stream'.  

	* -- A simple module to query syscolumns and systypes to pull a table's column names, column types,
	  column precision, column lengths, column usertype, and if nulls are permitted and return to a hash.  Nothin' fancy but
	  it comes in handy when you want to make intelligent decisions on the fly.

	* --- 10 line perl wrapper to Sybase::Xfer to take command line args and pass them as switches to the module.

My questions:
	* Are these modules worthy to promote to the public space or should I just keep 'em to myself?

	* Are these module names suitable to the Sybperl community?

	* Or, are there modules that do these tasks already and I've just had my head buried in sand for too long?

	* Should I post the gzipped tarball here so people can read the full POD and use the code before I upload to CPAN?

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Stephen Sprague