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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase bug that could affect you
Date: Oct 5 2000 5:05PM

David Alan Pisoni writes:
 > At 9.16 -0700 10/5/2000, Michael Peppler wrote:
 > >I've discovered a bug in all versions of DBD::Sybase that support
 > >?-style placeholders. This bug shows up with the 12.0 ESD#1 for
 > >Solaris that I have available here. It is NOT present in
 > >ESD#6 for linux. I do not know on what other platforms this bug may
 > >exist. You are NOT affected if you do not use placeholders.
 > I'm using :
 > Adaptive Server Enterprise/11.9.2/1075/P/Linux Intel/Linux 2.2.5 i586/O
 > PT/Mon Jul 12 09:51:46 1999
 > I tried out your test script, and I'm a little confused by the 
 > result.  I'm seeing the intentional error :
 > DBD::Sybase::st execute failed: Server message number=247 severity=16 
 > state=1 line=0 procedure=*00001600000000_dc6deb text=Arithmetic 
 > overflow during implicit conversion of VARCHAR value 'Feb 30 1998' to 
 > a DATETIME field .
 > But the next execute() hangs.  No error message, no termination, just 
 > hang.  'sp_who' reports that process is still connected, and in 
 > AWAITING COMMAND state.  With trace on, it gets this far :

 > In other words, it seems it IS broken, and may be broken even worse 
 > on this Sybase version, since it just hangs waiting for a result.

Yep - I noticed the same thing. I didn't mention it because I thought
I might have a problem in my 11.9.2 installation on linux.

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