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From: "Michael A dot Grady" <m-grady at uiuc dot edu>
Subject: sybperl 2.11 versus DBD::Sybase ?
Date: Jan 31 2000 9:35PM

I'm just about to start doing some Perl programming to access data fron
a Sybase 11 server. What are the relative merits of using sybperl versus
the new(er) DBD::Sybase interface? I note that the DBD::Sybase software
is listed as 'alpha' software, so have folks seen many problems with it?

(I have the Open Client 11.1.1 libraries installed on my machine, and I
have not done any programming with Sybase before, so I don't start with
any given knowledge-base that would give an edge to either of the above
interfaces. So I'm looking for what's considered 'best practices' with
Perl and Sybase today.)

Michael A. Grady                  
Senior Research Programmer         
University of Illinois                      (217) 244-1253  phone
Computing & Communications Services Office  (217) 244-7089  fax
Rm. 1514 DCL, 1304 W. Springfield Ave       Urbana, IL 61801