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From: "Colm O' Flaherty" <colm_o_flaherty at hotmail dot com>
Subject: Re: http server failure
Date: Jan 25 2000 8:38AM


Assuming Sybase version 11.0.3 (not 11.9.2, in which case *some* of the 
error codes have changed, u are getting the following Sybase errors in your 
Perl scripts:

Msg 207: Invalid column name
Msg 102: Incorrect synatx near '%.*s'
Msg 31113: a user defined error: check with the dba.

I suggest u take a look at the SQL the perl scripts are using to access the 
database: either there is a plain old typo in there, or maybe a table has 
been renamed, or a column dropped or something???

Try running the scripts outside of the Web server, and grep the output for 
"Msg",  "msg", "Error", "error".  It may be as a result of the specific 
params passed in from the web server, so they may need to be looked at as 

Espero que esto se ayude un poco.


>	Hi!
>	I have an application running on HP-UX 10.2 whith Netscape
>Enterprise Server 3.62 like web server.  My application is written in Perl 
>and SybPerl to query a remote Sybase database.  The problem is that
>frequently (2 or 3 times by day) my http server breaks down and I have to
>restart the sevice.  Before deploy this application nothing bad happened.
>	These are some of the messages my http server writes in the log
>... failure ...cgi-bin/, cgi_send reports: error occurred while
>sending script output (IO timeout error)
>... failure ...cgi-bin/ did not produce a valid header (name
>without value: got line "msg 207, level 16, state 2")
>... failure ...cgi-bin/ did not produce a valid header (read 
>error is Resource temporarily unavailable)
>... failure ...cgi-bin/ did not produce a valid header (name 
>value: got line "      unexpected eof from sql server.")
>... catastrophe ... cgi-bin/, cgieng_start_output reports: could 
>fork new process (Request pipe I/O failed [Resource temporarily
>... warning... cgi-bin/, start-http-response reports: write failed
>(Broken pipe)
>	I alredy checked the perl scripts send the correct http header and
>for other situations, but I can´t find the cause of the failures.
>	¿What is happening?
>	Follows a fragment of the http server´s log:
>  <>
>David Chávez Ortiz
>Ingeniería de Sistemas para Auditoría
>Barranca 209  piso 12  Col. Sn. José Insurgentes  03900
>Tel.: 725-1718   Fax: 725-1284   E-mail:
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