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From: Rick Nicoletti <rickn at mpi dot com>
Subject: Re: Handling over 2gb of output
Date: Jan 14 2000 4:32PM

We've had to get around perl's 2GB limit as well.

One of our hacks was to open a pipe to 'cat' instead of opening
the file directly with perl (eg. open(FH, "cat > somefile|")) since
'cat' CAN handle >2GB files (in Solaris 2.6).
Another hack was to parse "ls -l" to simulate file tests (-f, -r, -w, etc.).

Ugly, but it works. :-)

-Rick Nicoletti

At 08:44 PM 01/07/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>I have the need to write output files from queries which have result
>sets are larger than 2gb. This is on Solaris 2.6 and the file system I
>am using is configured to handle large files (and I have verified this).
>I tried this with a script using Sybperl::DBlib and was not successful.
>No errors occurred, but the file output stopped right at 2gb.
>Any suggestions?
>Also, does Sybperl need to be rebuilt after a new Open Client version is
>Thanks in advance,
>Tom Reilly