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From: philip dot c dot w dot chan at hsbcam dot com
Subject: Re: Handling over 2gb of output
Date: Jan 10 2000 8:23AM

I guess the answer to your 2nd question will be depending on
how the Sybperl was built, if dynamic linking was specified in
LINKTYPE of the CONFIG file then there is no need to rebuilt


From: AT INTERNETMAIL on 08-01-2000
02:55 AM

To: AT
Subject:  Handling over 2gb of output

I have the need to write output files from queries which have
result sets are larger than 2gb. This is on Solaris 2.6 and the
file system I am using is configured to handle large files (and
I have verified this). I tried this with a script using
Sybperl::DBlib and was not successful. No errors occurred, but
the file output stopped right at 2gb.

Any suggestions?

Also, does Sybperl need to be rebuilt after a new Open Client
version is installed?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Reilly

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