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From: Mark Sutfin <MSutfin at affinitygroup dot com>
Subject: Server charset & Sybperl
Date: Sep 29 1999 8:37PM

I'm not able to access the archives at to search...hope
someone can help. ( this still where the discussion is

This is a piece of borrowed code, and this is my first attempt with any
flavor of perl.

# Make sure I have the modules in my path
BEGIN {unshift @INC, "/home/";}
BEGIN {unshift @INC, "/home/";}

use Sybase::DBlib;
use strict;		# I added this.

# Install some local message handlers
dbmsghandle ("message_handler");
dberrhandle ("error_handler");

if (($DBPROC=Sybase::DBlib->dblogin('msutfin','welcome','callisto')) == 0) {
  print STDERR "Login to Server Failed\n";
  print STDERR "Exiting from program\n";

When executed, this code yields the following:

Msg 2409, Level 11, State 2
Server 'callisto_dev', Line 1
	Cannot find the requested character set in Syscharsets:  name =

It does appear that the module expects to find a server side charset of
cp850. The only available server charsets at this installation are:
'ascii_8', 'roman8', 'bin_roman8'. The '-J' switch at isql login would allow
a change in the client side charset, I understand. What code changes would
allow a switch of the server side charset? Is there a positional argument or
is there a config file which may be edited?

Thanks for any/all help in advance,
Mark Sutfin
Tech Mgr Application and System Development
Affinity Group Inc.
(303) 728-7474