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From: John_McCarthy at WellspringRes dot com
Subject: Connections
Date: Sep 28 1999 6:24PM

The sybperl doc for CTlib says (in part):
"....$dbh2 = $dbh->ct_cmd_alloc 
	Allocate a new CS_COMMAND structure. The new $dbh2 shares the
CS_CONNECTION with the original $dbh, so this is really only useful for
interleaving cursor operations...."
If I fork a child, one branch uses $dbh, the other uses $dbh2, and I send
different commands to each connection, will each branch get its correct
result set?
Also, the DBlib doc shows a command to set the database : $dbh->dbuse($db).
Does CTlib have an analogous feature?

Lastly, most of the examples shown apparently were run without benefit of
"-w" or  "use strict".  Can anyone tell me which connection variables ($db,
$restype, $dbh->ct_?????, etc.) need to be my'd, local'd, or ::'d?  (In my
case, I would like to open one connection in "main", then others in subs.)

John  McCarthy
Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything,
except over technology. -- John Tudor