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From: collardp at rabo-bank dot com
Subject: RE: Datetime data issue
Date: Sep 22 1999 8:29AM

Sybase have been messing around with this in different ebfs

SwrID  BugID  Description
-----  -----  -------------------------------------------------------
8501  196502  A change to the comnlib date routines changed the
                  default from datetime (with milliseconds) to
                  smalldatetime (no milliseconds).  ESQL needs to be
                  changed to restore dates in datetime format (with

7033  122433  COMNLIB: Default conversion format from a char type to
                  date type has been changed from DATES_LONG to
                  DATES_SHORT ( doesn't have secs and milli-secs)

you can do something like "convert(char(28),mytime,109)" to get the full
monty in all cases

Peter Collard (x3863)
Senior Sybase DBA
Rabobank UK

The views expressed in this correspondence are those of the author and
do not necessarily represent those of Rabobank International

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[]On Behalf Of Andhavarapu, Srinivas
Sent: Tuesday, 21 September 1999 19:48
To: SybPerl Discussion List
Cc: ''
Subject: Datetime data issue
Importance: High

When I am retrieving a datetime data from Sybase 11, I am getting different
values with different Sybperl versions.
Here is an example of what is happening.

We have a development environment which has Sybase 11 with Perl 5.004_04 and
Sybperl 2.09
When I retrieve a datetime data, it returns in the format "Dec 21 1999

The same thing when I try on our production server which has Sybase 11 with
Perl 5.005_03 and Sybperl 2.1
it returns in the format "Dec 21 1999 2:30PM"  It is truncating the seconds
and the milliseconds part of the data.

I need the seconds and milliseconds information.  Is there anyway to get
that info.  I did try with a convert function, but it did not seem to work.
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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