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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Datetime data issue
Date: Sep 21 1999 7:05PM

Andhavarapu, Srinivas writes:
 > Hi,
 > When I am retrieving a datetime data from Sybase 11, I am getting different
 > values with different Sybperl versions.
 > Here is an example of what is happening.
 > We have a development environment which has Sybase 11 with Perl 5.004_04 and
 > Sybperl 2.09
 > When I retrieve a datetime data, it returns in the format "Dec 21 1999
 > 2:30:28:940PM"
 > The same thing when I try on our production server which has Sybase 11 with
 > Perl 5.005_03 and Sybperl 2.1
 > it returns in the format "Dec 21 1999 2:30PM"  It is truncating the seconds
 > and the milliseconds part of the data.
 > I need the seconds and milliseconds information.  Is there anyway to get
 > that info.  I did try with a convert function, but it did not seem to work.
 > Any help is appreciated.

This is a locale issue, and is dependent on the version of OpenClient
that you use, not on sybperl itself.

If you use Sybase::CTlib you can use cs_dt_info() to set the
conversion format - from the sybperl man page:

       $ret = cs_dt_info($action, $type, $item, $buf)
                       cs_dt_info() allows you to set the default
                       conversion modes for DATETIME values, and
                       lets you query the locale database for
                       names for dateparts.

                       To set the default conversion you call
                       cs_dt_info() with a $type parameter of
                       CS_DT_CONVFMT, and pass the conversion
                       style you want as the last parameter:

                               cs_dt_info(CS_SET, CS_DT_CONVFMT, CS_UNUSED, CS_DATES_LONG);

                       See Table 2-26 in the Open Client and Open
                       Server Common Libraries Reference Manual
                       for details of other formats that are

                       You can query a datepart name by doing
                       something like:

                               cs_dt_info(CS_GET, CS_MONTH, 3, $buf);
                               print "$buf\n";    # Prints 'April' in the default locale

                       Again see the entry for cs_dt_info() in

                       Chapter 2 of the Open Client and Open
                       Server Common Libraries Reference Manual
                       for details.

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