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From: "humberto" <humberto at axxis dot com dot mx>
Subject: Data::Reporter
Date: Sep 6 1999 4:26PM

Hello Sybperl list,

I am sending you this message to tell you about a CPAN module that may
interest you. The name of the module is Data::Reporter and it helps you
write standard, old-fashioned reports.

We used the module because we had to convert 195 reports from SQR to
sybperl. It was a total of 62,000 lines of code. I have to say that this was
posible because of perl, sybperl and the reporter. Because of the size of
the project we really stressed out the module and we found out it can be
very flexible.

The idea of the Data::Reporter is that you define callback routines for the
title, heading, breaks, footer, etc. Then you define a query and the
reporter automagically calls the routines whenever it has to do it. I have
to say that, once you understand the concept it really saves you time,
because you don't have to keep track of lines, pages, etc. It also includes
routines that help you format strings and numbers at the style of SQR (Or
may be COBOL?).

The Author of the module is Ricardo Vazquez (e-mail He
is a very sharp guy and he was very responsive to the questions we had and
the changes we requested. So if you have any questions feel free to contact
him or you can contact me (Eventhough, I am just a user We would really like to see this module widely used.

Thank you and thanks to Michael Peppler for sybperl and for this list.