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From: "BAHRI, SOFIENNE" <sofienne dot bahri at bell dot ca>
Subject: Re: Cursors and overhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Date: Sep 2 1999 4:40PM

Hi folks,

my question is when i dispaly a page containing 10 records. I have to
dispaly a Buttom named Next(to dispaly the next 10 records). But the
buttom is in javascript. how i can call again the query from a java

my perl script look like this:

$dbh->ct_cursor(CS_CURSOR_CLOSE, undef, undef, CS_DEALLOC) == CS_SUCCEED
|| die;
print $q->end_html;
      print "deuxieme set";  
    }#Fin  while ct_results

Michael Peppler wrote:
>  > Hi folks,
>  >
>  > I'm using sybperl to connect to a sybase database. The user fill a form
>  > and then subit the query to the cgi. the problem i have is that i get so
>  > much rows(about 1000) and the browser stay a long time to display the
>  > rows. what i would like to do is to have a buttom (Next)on my page of
>  > results and each time the user press next he gets for example the 10
>  > other records displayed in browser.
> This is a problem that you always end up having to handle when you
> write CGI apps.
> The only way to handle this is to do this:
> For the first page, set rowcount = 10, and do the select normally.
> Remember the primary key of the last row that is displayed.
> For the second (and subsequent pages) execute the query with a where
> clause that gets records > the last record on the previous page.
> Michael
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