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From: "Hastings, Seamus" <Hastings at adeptinc dot com>
Subject: SYBPERL Help needed
Date: Aug 31 1999 9:14PM

> Sorry for the intrusion but I am in need of your help.  I need a
> consultant, in the Boston area, for a period of 3 weeks + that is
> knowledgeable in Sybase; Sybperl; Java; and Sun Web Servers.  With the
> aforementioned skill sets, the consultant would:
> 1.  Validate a Sybase/Sybperl application my client inherited that resides
> on a Sun Web Server.  The client does not have this expertise in their
> enterprise.
> 2.  The individual will be responsible for explaining how the technology
> works. i.e.. The relationship between Sybase and Sybperl.  How Java is
> used in relationship to these technical disciplines on a Java Sun Web
> Server.
> 3.  Both companies (client & the one they inherited) will have similar
> configurations.  They need configuration assistance and to be educated on
> how the technology works.
> If you can be of any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Seámus J.D. Hastings
> Sr.Technical Recruiter
> Adept, INC
> 1-800-662-3378
> 1-508-766-5329 (FAX)
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> Check out our open positions at
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> begins a new ADEPT client assignment on or before September 31, 1999 - you
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