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From: "WORENKLEIN, David, GCM" <David dot Worenklein at gcm dot com>
Subject: dbrpcsend without dbsqlok
Date: Aug 31 1999 7:57PM

Mike --

In dblib.xs, you say 

	/* temporay [sic] solution: call dbsqlok() directly after
dbrpcsend() */

I think it's time to find a more permanent solution.  I need to call
dbrpcsend(), dbpoll() at intervals until something comes back, and then call
There are two ways to do this that maintain backwards compatibility:

  1. A new function, dbrpcsendnook
  2. An optional second parameter, no_dbsqlok.

The second looks better to me.

I've hacked up my 2.10, and I clean up the dbrpcparam list before calling
dbsqlok.  I haven't had any problems with it yet, but I haven't purified my
code, either.

(Sorry about the following...)
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