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From: "Robert Bresner" <rbresner at olf dot com>
Subject: How do I get a value with a select constant ?
Date: Aug 30 1999 7:14PM

Hi there... 

You know how you get something in your head
and you just KNOW youre doing the right thing, 
but it doesn't work anyway; and since you KNOW
you're doing the right thing no other solution
comes popping along ? Well, I've got one of those.

I want to see if a table exists in a database, 
and if it does, I want to select data from that table. 
So, I connect to the database and check sysobjects 
for the table, and if it exists I select 1, if 
it doesn't exist, I select 0. Then I check the 
result of that bit of code. But, when I do a 
dbnextrow(), I'm getting an undefined. 

I have a 
set up, and I'm getting no errors during my

Here's my Perl:

   $dbh = SybConnect($Password, $Server, $User );
   $dbh->dbuse($DB) or return 0;
   my $Cmd = "if exists( select * from sysobjects where name = 
      'version_number' and type = 'U' ) select 1 else select 0";
   my $Result = SybCmd( $dbh, $Cmd );
   my $RetVal = $dbh->dbnextrow();   # Is this the right thing? 
   if( not defined $RetVal )  {
      print "NO RETVAL ($Result)\n";
      return 0;
   else  {
      print "RETVAL: $RetVal\n";
      return $RetVal;

   sub SybCmd
      my ($dbh, $Cmd) = @_;
      chomp $Cmd;
      print STDOUT "SybCmd: $Cmd\n" if $verbose;
      return $dbh->dbresults;

SybCmd() is returning 1 (one). But dbnextrow() is 
getting me nothing. So, I'm wondering what I'm doing
wrong. It looks so right to me, ya know?

(The reason I'm doing a select 0/1 in the if exists
is because Sybase is parsing the whole command string
before it runs it, and if the table doesn't exist, I 
get an error before the block of code runs. Make sense?)

Thanks in advance for another perspective ...

Robert Bresner
Open Link Financial    516-227-6600 x216    fax: 516-227-1799
Opinions expressed are explicitly my own
"No more talking!  Cerebus has a SWORD!"