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From: Kha Vu <VuK at franklins dot com dot au>
Subject: RE: A Way Side Question
Date: Aug 25 1999 12:43AM

if there are more fields apart from the 3 (what, color, sex) then case 1
doesnot work, the result is eliminated for one record if there is  another
record with exactly the same attributes.
in case 2 you can have a query like this
select distinct what, color, sex
from .....

> ----------
> From: 	Charles Zhao[]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, 25 August 1999 10:12
> To: 	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject: 	A Way Side Question
> Well, this is not a DBLib question.  It's a pure SQL question, but since
> we  
> all deal with SQL, you might have good ideas:
> I have table with records like this:
> ==============================
> cat	black	male	...
> bird	red	male	...
> cat	white	female	...
> cat	grey	female	...
> cat	black	male	...
> bird	white	female	...
> I need to select records from this table with distinct combinations of the
> above 3 columns.  Thus duplicate rows like "cat black male ..." will be  
> eliminated from my selection.  How can do it?
> 1.  "select distinct * from .." is not a choice;
> 2.  How does this work: "select distinct WHAT, distinct COLOR, distinct
> SEX  
> from ..."?
> Thanks
> Charles Zhao