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From: Thomas Hafsaas <zatar at online dot no>
Subject: Trouble connection to sybase server..
Date: Aug 13 1999 9:02AM

Hi, I am pretty new to this list.

But my problem is that when I try to connect to a server using sybperl
it fails with this warning
DB-Library error:
        Specified server name attribute could not be found
Operating-system error:
        There is no OS level error

my initialising string looks like this:
$UID = 'userid';					# Username for Sybase login
$PWD = 'userps';					# Password for Sybase login
$DSN = 'server1';					# Domain server name for Sybase login'
$dbh = new Sybase::DBlib  $UID, $PWD, $DSN;

I am using two servers which have the same sybase version installed. The
problem arose when I tried to migrate my scripts to use the second
The first server has an identical name to the second execpt an '1' at
the end (server and server1).
when I use server with my scripts everything is working, but not when I
switch the DSN to server1.

Other thing to mention is that server1 is in a DMZ zone and server is

It seems to me that sybperl won't even try to contact server1. (I have
talked to a network person at work, who monitored packets from my
machine to the server, and no packets left, or arrived, when I tried

Anyone know if this is a fault in NT or sybperl or what?
Oh, I am using activestate perl on a NT 4.


"So I said to the runner, 'Remember to look ahead.', but all he could do
was run..."
	- Mirris Star Upon Dawn