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From: Rick Berger <rberger at info dot load-otea dot hrdc-drhc dot gc dot ca>
Subject: reading CP850 characters
Date: Aug 3 1999 11:13PM


I new at using sybperl  and Sybase, so I hope you will bare with me.

I trying to fix a Perl cgi script that's talking to a Sybase SQL Anywhere
server which has its Character Code Page set to CP850. I am able to catch 
all the lower case French accented characters as unique values and
translate them into their ISO_8859-1 values for presentation to the web
browser. The problem is with the upper case French accented characters,
most of them come through mapped to a `?', hex 0x3f.

I noticed also when I look at the tables with isql that the lower case
characters that are unique symbols but the upper case are still `?'s. But
if I use isql with `-J cp850' all the character show up alright, upper and
lower case. Now, so I can get unique values for translating all accented
characters, is there a way to tell Sybase::Ctlib that the characters are
coming through as CP850 by setting the CS_SYB_SET property?  If anyone can
tell me if and how this can be done I'd sure appreciate it.

The script uses the following to connect to the database:

	%configInfo = readConfig($config_file_location);

	$dbh = Sybase::CTlib->ct_connect($configInfo{'username'},

Oh it is not my server and System have other application tied in to it so
they're not willing to change it's character code page. 

Rick Berger (819) 953-7019,
Applications Designer
Labour Operations Application Development
Human Resources Development Canada