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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Sybperl related problem.
Date: Jul 26 1999 4:50PM

Forwarded to the Sybperl-l list.


ramdas kenjale writes:
 > Sir,
 > My name is Ramdas Kenjale , i am working on ASE 11.0.3 with perl 5.4.
 > i have installed all software on linux and they are working fine. i have one 
 > problem. When i access my database from browser using CTlib.
 > my date field which is in american date format , automatically gets 
 > converted in british date format. i am using attribute "UseDateTime"  but 
 > still it is not working.
 > I have one more problem. My fields in table contains multiple spaces in a 
 > string. when i get them thru CTlib on browser i am getting the string uptil 
 > spaces only , it is not giving the remaining string. for eg.  like if i have 
 > data like "mpeppler sybase   perl   king" . i get only "mpeppler sybase". it 
 > truncates everything next to multiple spaces.
 > Sir , if you help me in this matter , i will be very greatful to you.
 > My email id is ,
 > Thanks a lot
 > ramdas
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