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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Re: Want to use gnu cc compiler in Makefiles
Date: Jul 23 1999 6:14PM

Carrie Gallap writes:
 > I am installing sybperl on my SUN Sparc workstation for the first time.
 > I've just discovered that we no longer have site licenses for the C
 > compiler that the make files are looking for, so I need to use "gcc"
 > instead of "cc".  Where do I make this change?  I don't see "cc"
 > referenced in Makefile.PL.  Do I need to edit each Makefile prior to
 > running make to change this?

Unfortunately you will have to rebuild perl with gcc before you can
build sybperl.

The Makefile.PL script relies on information that is stored
in (and maybe other places), and a lot of that information
is how to use the C compiler (ie what switches it requires, etc).

It may be possible to edit the various Makefiles (CTlib/Makefile,
DBlib/Makefile) to set the compiler name and flags correctly, but
you're likely to run into various configuration problems.

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