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From: Konrad Zak <konrad at uni dot wroc dot pl>
Subject: Re: trouble with building Sybperl on Linux
Date: Jul 22 1999 6:04PM

>  > Manifying ../blib/man3/Sybase::Sybperl.3
>  > /usr/bin/pod2man: is missing required section: SYNOPSIS
>  > make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/srcs/sybperl-2.10_02/Sybperl'
> That's really only a warning that there is a typo in the
> file for the SYNOPSIS entry of the pod (manual) section.
> Try to run
>         make test
> to see if things work...
> Michael

Thanks a lot, it's amazing how fast I took advice. One more question: Is
changing SYNOPSYS to SYNOPSIS in file Sybperl/ correct way to
fix this warning? I know it can be really dummy question but I want to
be sure, that I properly uderstood reason of this warning. Best regards
and thanks one more time.


  Konrad Zak, University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, POLAND
  The Interfaculty Lab of Computer Networks and Software
  +48 71 3201417