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From: John_Erjavec at cargill dot com
Subject: getting return messages
Date: Jul 21 1999 4:43PM

     OK.  I admit it.  My brain isn't functioning today.  How do you get 
     the return messages from things like stored procs?  If I were to run 
     'sp_setreplicate ', I get the return status of '0', but I 
     don't get the message "The replication status for '
' is currently false." How do I go about getting that information as well. Code: I am calling the procs like this: $d->ct_sql($query, \&scb); My SQL callback function, &scb, looks like this: sub scb { my ( $msg ) = @_; return if (scalar @_ == 0 && $msg =~ /^\s*$/); return if $msg =~ /return status = 0/; { local $^W = 0; print "@_\n"; } } I have the 'local $^W = 0' in there because I am printing rows to a file that contain null values, and don't feel like seeing the use of undefined variable warning every time. I'm sure this is easy, but my brain is fried. If anyone would be so kind as to reply, that would be great. Thanks. -JEV -- John Erjavec V Cargill, Inc.