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From: Jason Southern <southern at clark dot net>
Subject: RE: Sun IP Change Causing Problems with Sybperl
Date: Jul 19 1999 10:09PM

I hate to say it but this problem was more of a system administration
issue then a Sybperl configuration issue (not that I want to make Sybperl
the scapegoat for earlier frustration, Michael :^) ).  Rather, this could
have been avoided.  Seems there were multiple interfaces files in
different directories on the box.  The SA who updated the interfaces file
didn't update all the instances.  The SYBASE environment variable was a
different value than the one that the scripts were using (reason isql
worked and SybPerl didn't).  We've since removed all the different
interfaces files and replaced them with symbolic links to the updated one.  
That should elminate the possibility of this happening again.  

Moral to the story:  
Maintain only one physical interfaces file 
(most of you probably already knew that.)

Thanks for your responses.  They helped me to reexamine my earlier

J A S O N   S O U T H E R N