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From: Jason Southern <southern at clark dot net>
Subject: Sun IP Change Causing Problems with Sybperl
Date: Jul 19 1999 4:13PM

I recently had to change the IP address on a Sun box running Perl 5.004_3
and Sybperl 2.09_04.  After updating ifconfig and the Sybase interfaces
file, I was unable to establish a database connection using Sybperl.  I
can sucessfully connect and execute queries using isql on the console and
from remote machines, but I continue to receive the following when running
scripts that use Sybperl:

DB-Library Error:
      SQL Server connection timed out.

The scripts worked correctly before the IP change, but aren't working now.  
Any ideas?  Do I need to remake Sybperl?

The scripts do set $ENV{SYBASE} and $ENV{DSQUERY} to their correct values.

J A S O N   S O U T H E R N