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From: "Kathy J dot Doty" <doty at bnl dot gov>
Subject: How do I access multiple databases on multiple hosts
Date: Jul 14 1999 2:34PM

Please excuse my ignorance on this subject.
I am very new to both sybase and to Sybperl.

Some background info - the project I am working
on has a number of sybase databases scattered
all around the country on a number of different hosts.

What I would like to be able to do is
query these databases using Sybperl to obtain
results from some of the tables from each of these
databases as well as results from the database
I have on my own host and display them on a web page.

We are using ASE v11.5.1 on a SUN workstation
running Solaris 2.6
We are using version 2.10 of Sybperl

Since I as I said, I am extremely new to this,
if you might provide a small example of how I can
connect to multiple sybase databases on different hosts
would be very helpful.

I apologize if this question has been asked/answered
before but any help you can provide would be
much appreciated.

Kathy Doty