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From: deridder at pcisys dot net
Subject: Re: WinNT error
Date: Jul 8 1999 1:56PM

If you have sybase client installed.....  Values listed are for my installation 
change for yours if necessary.

Check your environment settings and ensure you have the following variables set
Lib - should point to your sybase libraries (C:\sybase\lib)

Path - an entry where sybase (client) DLL and BIN (executables) are installed. 
(c:\sybase\dll   c:\sybase\bin)

SYBASE - Where is sybase (C:\SYBASE)


> Andy Alsup writes:
>  > I have written a little perl script on linux, and it works very well
>  > by the way...
>  > 
>  > I try to run the same script on NT and I get these messages:
>  > 
>  > In a popup "the dynamic link library libcs.dll could not be found in
>  > the specified path ...."
> Looks like the Sybase OpenClient libraries are not located where the
> perl libraries expect them. Not being an NT person I can't really tell 
> you how to fix this, though...
> Michael
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