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From: sksharma <sksharma at inflibnet dot ernet dot in>
Subject: Re: installation problem in sybperl
Date: Jun 28 1999 8:31AM

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, you wrote:
>sksharma writes:
> > Hi.
> > i am very new for this list. sorry, if this query asked before because i didn't
> > have any idia about your archieved. i  am  using linux radhat 5.2 with kernel
> > 2.0.x  , perl 5.00404. i had tryied to install sybperl-2.07 but it given
> > following errors. 
>First, get a fresh copy of the perl source (from, for
>Untar, and configure without -ldb and -lndbm:
>   ./Configure -ders -Dlibs="-lnsl -lgdbm -ldl -lm -lc -lposix -lcrypt"
>   make
>   make test
>If all went well, su to root, and install this new perl version:
>   make install
>Now you are ready to build sybperl. You can use the 2.07 release you
>have, or get a newer one.
>Edit CONFIG, and set
> 		DBLIBVS=1000
> 		CTLIBVS=100
> 		SYBASE=/opt/sybase
> 		EXTRA_LIBS= -linsck
>Do NOT set LINKTYPE=static.
>Now run
>	perl Makefile.PL
>	make
>(assuming your PWD file is still OK)
>	make test
>This should work, and you should now be ready to install it with 
>	make install

Thanks for suggestions. i had downloaded the new version of perl source and
sybperl-2.10_01 . Now , i successfully installed the sybperl-x . 
how can seen man pages on sybperl. there is any documents on sybperl function
on net.
thanks .

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