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From: Dave Edwards <ITSDSE at qe2-hsc dot ns dot ca>
Subject: Slightly Off Topic Question - A Solution
Date: Jun 23 1999 11:46AM

Good Morning SybPerlers,

Thank you to David, Peter, and Ryan, who replied to my e-mail about the NT Scheduler.  I fiddled around with it as per your suggestions, and I have it working - I think - :)

It turns out that I had to specify the correct directory path within my Perl/SybPerl script for the files I was reading in and writing out.  That got it working.  The NT Scheduler didn't complain after that.  Things seem to be working just fine.

I've learned a lesson here: always specify the path if you're writing output files, or reading input files.

Thanks again for the help.

Dave Edwards
System Analyst
QEII Health Science Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia