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From: "Ryan Russell" <Ryan dot Russell at SYBASE dot COM>
Subject: Re: Slightly off topic
Date: Jun 22 1999 5:32PM

>I have a slightly off-topic question.  I have made a script that parses through
the Sybase server log and looks for errors.  It then prints them out in HTML
form so I >can view them on my web browser.  Everything works great - except
when I try running it under the WindowsNT AT scheduler.
>From the command prompt, I can call the .pl file directly, from a batch file,
from a batch file calling another batch file that calls the ,pl file, etc., etc.
It works without fail >from the command line.
>Anything I do from the AT scheduler doesn't work.  I get "Use of uninitialized
value at " no matter which way I try it.  Has anyone had this kind
of >experience before?  I have another perl script that I run from the AT
scheduler and it works without fail.

If I had to guess, I'd say it was due to environment variables which are present
when you run the scripts as you, but not when run as an AT job.  This also
a lot with cron jobs and CGI scripts.