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From: Steven Cruz <steve at nextopia dot com>
Subject: BCP hangs
Date: Jun 21 1999 7:31PM


	I have encountered a problem while using Sybase::DBlib. I am trying to
BCP data into a database. When I run the script on one machine it works
fine. When I run the script on another it hangs. Both scripts load data
into the same third machine. I am using sybperl  sybperl-2.10_02 on both
machines. Same scripts two.  

	Is their anything I can to try to fix the hanging this hanging problem?

	Both machines are same with the exception of perl. The one that hangs
has two separate installs, the most recent one is perl5.005_57,  the
machine that dose not hang is perl5.005_55.  Both are running the same
version of Linux. The machine that Hangs is also running mod_perl,
however this script is being executed from the command line so I do not
see that being the problem.

Thank you
Steven Cruz