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From: "W dot Phillip Moore" <wpm at ms dot com>
Subject: Problems with CTLib local support on sybperl-2.10_01
Date: Jun 8 1999 9:42PM

Michael --

When I deployed the 2.10_02 release, which I notice includes
significant patches to add support locales, several of our CTlib
applications failed with errors of the form:

1:CTlib client: ct_bind(): user api layer: external error: An invalid
locale was supplied in the CS_DATAFMT structure.
ct_bind() failed at /ms/dist/dactww/lib/perl/ line 110.

I was forced to backout to sybperl-2.10 to recover.

These users are not setting LANG, LC_*, or any of the usual
locale-related environment variables, either.

The platform in question is Solaris 2.5.1, with either perl5.004_04 or
perl5.005_02.  The code is linked with Open Client V11 (I can dig up
patch revisions, if necessary -- have to ask DBA).

Does this ring any bells?  I haven't had these developers try
sybperl-2.10_03 yet, as I didn't see any significant locale-related
patches in that release (then again, maybe I didn't look hard enough).

W. Phillip Moore                                          Phone: 212-762-2433
Vice President, Infrastructure Development                  FAX: 212-762-0174
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter                                 E-mail:
750 7th Ave, NY, NY 10019