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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: Fatal Use Sybase::DBLib
Date: Jun 8 1999 2:14PM

Brazier Stephen F Civ 27 IS/SCOS writes:
 > Hello,
 > I have been wrestling with this error to no avail:
 > "Can't load
 > '/opt/perl5/lib/site_perl/5.00551/sun4-solaris/auto/Sybase/DBlib/'
 > for module Sybase::DBlib: /opt/perl5/bin/perl: fatal:
 > can't open file: errno=2 at
 > /opt/perl5/lib/5.00551/sun4-solaris/ line 168.     

errno 2 is "File not found".

You need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to start with $SYBASE/lib, and then
try again.

 > This seems to be a path issue.  When I set the
 > LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/sybase/lib at the command line the script runs at the
 > command line, but  it dies when called by the browser
 > (Netscape 4.x)     Netscape runs as Nobody.  I have tried to set the ENV var
 > at the top of the script but Perl seems to want all of its paths resolved
 > prior to seeing the script...  

I see you're still using the NCSA http server. I think you need to
hack it to get the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable passed to child processes, 
unless they've added the same functionality as Apache, whereby you can 

SetEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/sybase/lib

in the httpd.conf file and have it set for all CGI scripts.

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