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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: dbpoll and Digital
Date: Jun 3 1999 4:52PM

John M. Campbell writes:
 >   In late May there was some discussion on a bug with dbpoll. We have also run
 > into the the same bug on Digital  Unix 4.0D, Perl 5.00503 and Sybperl 2.10.02.
 > "make test" fails during the dbpoll tests. On the same machine, we have Perl
 > 5.00502 and Sybperl 2.10, which passes all the tests during "make test". Both
 > versions are using the same set of Sybase client libraries.
 >   My real question is can we ignore the errors if we are not going to use dbpoll
 > ?


That might be a bug in the dblib.t test file (in

The one for 2.10 has:

$X->dbcmd("select * from master..sysprocesses");
my ($x, $reason) = Sybase::DBlib->dbpoll(-1);
(ref($x) eq 'Sybase::DBlib') 
    and print "ok 20\n"
    or print "not ok 20\n";

where the one for 2.10_02 has

$X->dbcmd("select * from master..sysprocesses");
my $count = 0;
my ($x, $reason);

do {
    ($x, $reason) = Sybase::DBlib->dbpoll(-1);
    print "dbpoll: reason = $reason\n";
} while($count < 20 && $reason != DBRESULT);

exit if $reason != DBRESULT;

(ref($x) eq 'Sybase::DBlib') 
    and print "ok 20\n"
    or print "not ok 20\n";

And I guess on Digital that loop fails...

Could you try using the 2.10 dblib.t on the 2.10_02 build and see if
that works better?

BTW - as to your question - if you don't use dbpoll() then you won't
be affected by this issue.


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