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From: "W dot Phillip Moore" <wpm at ms dot com>
Subject: Re: perl (not linked with -ldb on IRIX 6.5, breaking sybperl
Date: May 27 1999 6:03PM

>>>>> "Chip" == Chip Salzenberg  writes:

Chip> Right.  I thought about changing that in 5.004_05, but it would
Chip> have been a lot of original work and I needed to get the patch
Chip> out.  But perhaps for 5.005_5x it would be reasonable to
Chip> eliminate all of the extension-specific libraries from $libs,
Chip> then have arch-specific hints add them back in where they're
Chip> needed.  (Sometimes they are.)

Short term, I can work around this with a local hints-file hack.

Michael Peppler mentioned that sybperl also has problem building with
the default Red Hat Linux version of perl for almost the same reason.
perl is linked with, which *also* has a dbopen() function.

Should this be reported "officially" to perlbug, then, to get a real
bug ID?