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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: make test fails
Date: May 27 1999 2:12PM

David Thompson writes:
 > Hi Gurus!
 > I'm new to perl and *very* new to sybperl, and *very* new to sybase administration.
 > (whoa, I not be thy sybase dba, however, just the perl/sybperl apprentice)
 > I've installed perl 5.005_03 and sybperl 2.10_02.  When I ran 'make test' for perl,
 > everything works fine, but when I ran 'make test' for sybperl, it fails.  The message
 > says,
 > [blahblahblah]
 > Sybase error: Server name not found in interface file.
 > Can't call method "sql" on an undefined value at t/bcp.t line 49.
 > [blahblahblah]
 > Ok, here goes my stupid question(s),  the file $SYBASE/interfaces
 > file clearly shows the name specified in the $DSQUERY environment
 > variable, and I can correctly startup and run an isql with my $DSQUERY
 > and $DBUSER settings.

Quick answer: edit the PWD file, and set the user, server and password 
entries correctly there, and make test again...

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