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From: Steven Cruz <steve at nextopia dot com>
Subject: Re: BCP questions
Date: May 26 1999 5:35PM

Michael Peppler wrote:
> Steven Cruz writes:
>  > Hello;
>  >
>  >      I have few little questions, where can I find documentation on
>  > Sybase::BCP? I am currently using the Sybase::DBlib and I am
>  > encountering an error on loading some data. The problem I have is that I
>  > try to track down where these error messages are being generated from
>  > (to get more information about the error). I have done nothing at all to
>  > handle any errors, but yet they keep printing.
> Unfortunately I haven't worked on Sybase::BCP in a long time...
> An example of the errors, and if possible the data that is causing
> them, would be helpful.

	Here you go.  

The error
DB-Library error:
        Attempt to convert data stopped by syntax error in source field.

I have traced down the error to an Integer (DB definition) field. It is
the 5th field. It works for all rows without this field.  Oddly enough I
have used this script to load other tables with an int field and have
never had this problem. 

Any suggestions?

Thank you 

Steven CRuz

> Michael
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