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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at peppler dot org>
Subject: 1003 to 1111
Date: May 24 1999 4:06PM

Neil Ratzlaff writes:
 > We are trying to switch from Sybase OpenClient 1003 to 1111 and perl
 > scripts break.  The old versions of perl 5.004 and sybperl 2.09  were not
 > touched.
 > This message appears:
 > Message number: LAYER = (5)  ORIGIN = (3)   SEVERITY = (4)   NUMBER = (3)
 > Message string:  ct_connect(): network packet layer:  internal net library
 > error:  Specified server name attribute could not be found
 > Died at line 43
 > The lines of code are:
 > Line 42  $pwaDbh = new Sybase::CTlib $USR, $PASSWD, $SRVR, pwa;
 > LIne 43   if (!(defined(pwaDbh))) ( die; )
 > The first part of the program defines which version of OpenClient to use by
 > specifying the directory.  We must be missing something simple, but what is
 > it?

My guess is that the interfaces file in the directory where the new
OpenClient libs are installed has not been updated, and does not
include the server name that you're trying to connect to.

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