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From: "arvind kamath" <hakamath at hotmail dot com>
Subject: Installation of sybperl
Date: May 22 1999 8:36AM

   I have been trying to install sybperl and am facing some installation
difficulties. The details of my installation are as follows:
   1. Version no. of Perl : 5.005_03
   2. Version no. of Sybperl: 2.10_01
   3. Hardware : Pentium@75 MHz.
   4. Operating System : RedHat Linux 5.2 (Kernel 2.0.36)
   5. Version of Sybase Open Client Libraries : 10.0.3
I have built perl without linking the libraries ldb,lgdbm etc.
I have edited the interfaces file and provided the name of the Sybase
Server (11.0.1) and the IP Address and port no.s of the machine on which the
Sybase Server is Located. It is located on a Sun UltraSPARC machine
running Solaris 2.6. The environment variable SYBASE has been set to
indicate the path of the directory where the OpenClient Libraries
reside. I have edited the PWD file to provide the username and password of 
the user on the Sybase Server. I have renamed the libtcl file so that it 
does not in any way interfere with the  Sybase library of the same name. In 
case of static loading of the libraries I get the error "t/ctlib....dubious. 
Test returned status 0(wstat 139,0x8b) Undefined subroutine 
&Test::Harness::WCOREDUMP called at /usr/lib/perl5/Test/". Thanks 
in advance

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