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From: Monty Scroggins <Monty dot Scroggins at wcom dot com>
Subject: Re: ct_init() error, looking for ctlib.loc
Date: May 18 1999 4:40PM

We had the same problem.  It appears to happen when a brand
new server is built.  The ctlib.loc file had to be located on
another (older version) server and copied to the new one.  All
was well after that.  I never figured out why the ctlib.loc file
was not in place.  I am assuming there is an installation problem
with Sybase....  


Michael Peppler wrote:
> Robert Bresner writes:
>  > the $SYBASE env var is correct. It's what's _after_ the
>  > /usr/local/sybase that's wrong.
>  >    locales/us_english/iso_1/ctlib.loc
>  > should be
>  >    locales/us_english/ctlib.loc
> Not on any Sybase installation that I've ever seen (at least System 10
> and later):
> I have a Solaris 10.x, 11.0.3 and 11.5, as well as linux, and
> all have locales/us_english/iso_1/ctlib.loc.
> Methinks your installation is broken.
> Michael
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